How to spy on your girlfriend or wife if you suspect her of being unfaithful?

Do you often suspect your girlfriend of being unfaithful?
Do you often notice how she communicates in social networks, sends text messages, speaks with other guys through an ICQ?
Do you trust your girlfriend?
Do you want to know the whole truth about her?
Answer these questions:
Do you know how to spy your girlfriend online? Do you know how to spy on your girlfriend cell phone?
How to read SMS and MMS, track her calls, watch through photos? How to spy on your girlfriend without getting caught?
Do you know how to do it? If not, then read attentively.

With help of new technologies it is easy to learn the whole truth about your girlfriend, if she cheats on you or not. The latest apps to spy on your girlfriend, developed for mobile phones, will provide the full truth about her. The newest mobile spy will give you opportunity to read SMS, look through the calls, contacts, photos, events, e-mails, Skype calls (NEW!), browser history, audio records, learn the location of the person on mobile phone and much more!
You can spy on your girlfriend cell phone even if you are not able to have access to it!

I know about all this from my personal experience…

Hello, dear readers of my blog. My name is Richard.

Unpleasant situation happened to me recently: I was betrayed by my beloved girl. I could not keep my feelings and emotions to myself and decided to share my story and my experience with you.

As you have guessed already, we will speak about cheating of the person you love and the ways to expose it.

I’ll tell you sad and instructive story and then share different ways to spy on your girlfriend.

Read it to the end if you want to find out

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  • how do i spy on my girlfriends text messages if I notice something wrong
  • how to spy on your girlfriend mobile and spy on your girlfriend app
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We had been living with Helen for about a year and everything was remarkable. We even started thinking about a child. I worked, while she was a student and worked as a fitness instructor in a sports club, who works in her free time.

Nothing seems to be suspicious in that – you, probably, say. She is a fitness instructor and has a free schedule. This is the way I thought too until her working hours became absolutely unreasonable. My girlfriend was away for different reasons: either yoga, or aerobics, or literary club or something else. My suspicions grew even more when these “activities” took place at a very strange time. Sometimes she was out at 10 p.m. and sometimes at 7 a.m.

When I asked her about her sudden plans he she didn’t answer me or reproached me for blind and senseless jealousy.

I was ashamed to spy on her: go to her work and follow her.  Such behavior could immediately ruin our relationships.

It continued in this way for some time. But then one thing happened that made me change my mind. Somebody called her in the evening, therefore I needed to take drastic measures. She was in a shower and I answered the call. There was a guy on the phone and I asked him to introduce himself. He seemed to guess about everything then and answered that he was a colleague. After that he excused himself and hanged up. The one who called was drunk – it was clear from his voice. I understood all at that moment. All my doubts vanished and I decided to spy on my girlfriend to find out the truth. I didn’t know how to fulfill that on that particular moment. I asked myself: how can I spy on my girlfriends text message to make sure that I am right? How to spy on my girlfriend phone at home and how to spy on my girlfriend cell phone? The question if I should spy on my girlfriend blackberry did not bother me. I wanted to put an end to it – the sooner the better. I was ready to spy my girlfriend phone and spy my girlfriend SMS.

I called my tech-savvy friend who knew much about IT-technologies and asked him if there was some opportunity to spy on my girlfriend cell phone anonymously, read her SMS and pinpoint her location with GPS?

Henry (this is a name of my friend) called me back in an hour and provided me with the website URL, where I could download spy mobile app. He consulted me on how to install mobile spy on my girlfriend app.

At that moment I did not have pangs of remorse. I was greatly upset about it. My closest person cheated on me!

I entered the spy website and downloaded mobile spy to my notebook. I had to wait until Helen fell asleep to install the software to her mobile phone.

Several hours later Helen was asleep and I carefully took her mobile. I don’t know much about mobile phones and I was afraid that I would do something wrong and she would find out that I had installed the spy app on her phone.

In spite of my doubts and uncertainty, the spy program was installed immediately.

There are other mobile spy apps too but they do not guarantee correct work.

Two days later Helen left on business as she told me. When I entered the personal account on spy website, I switched on mobile GPS tracking service to find out about the location of my girlfriend (ex girlfriend at present).

I saw that she was far from her place of work — in the opposite part of the city.

When I browsed on the menu of spy website account, I entered the section of SMS, where I could read all messages anonymously. I felt awful after I’ve read all this.

Helen cheated on me. It turned out that she could not drop her ex boyfriend and dated him secretly. My heart was deeply pained and I did not know what to do: to forgive her or part with her.

I think that you will understand me. I will not publish their intimate correspondence.  It is disgusting even to remember about those messages and talks on skype, about the pictures that I saw. There were hidden from me and now I could see everything that was in her mobile.

Was I right that I spied on my girlfriend,  read her SMS and watched her calls?

My answer is Yes! I was right! There is no place to such person in my life – to the one who does not love me at such extent and does not respect me.

When she came home I behaved as if nothing happened. When she took shower, I removed the spy software from her phone.

When I knew all details and real facts, she could hardly ignore my detailed questions. She confessed that she cheated on me.

Probably, she still does not know in what way I learned everything.

We parted peacefully. This situation made me stronger.

Now let’s stop on it and get down to business!

Mobile spy that I acquired lets you spy on your girlfriend at a distance online!

In order to track text messages of your girlfriend or somebody else, you should be familiar with the mobile device of that person. Only so you can quickly get access to it. The installation of a program takes less than a minute.  The best time to do it is when the owner of the mobile phone is sleeping or is taking a shower.

There is no other way to spy on your girlfriend phone and establish control over it but through the physical intrusion to the smartphone. Why? Because you must install the software to the phone to control it.

Mobile spy app is compatible with ALL smartphones and all models of iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS.

So it is easy to learn how to spy on your girlfriend or boyfriend. In the same way you can spy on your neighbors, classmates, groupmates and so on. Learn more about particular person and find out the truth that is hidden from you. I hope that my story was exhaustive enough and you know how spy on your girlfriend and how to spy on your girlfriend phone. You will find piece of mind just the same way as it happened to me.

P.S: Thank you that you have read my story “How I spied on my girlfriend” to the end. That was a lesson of life to me. There is nothing worse in the world when your close people are unfaithful and betray you.

P.P.S: Oops! I have almost forgotten to provide you with link to the spy website VISIT SITE, where you can install mobile spy, and with its help you can not only spy on your girlfriend, but keep your children secure installing the mobile spy on the phone of your kid.



  • Dylan

    Hello, Richard. Your story is interesting but very sad. I read it to the end. I have the same situation and suspect that my girlfriend is cheating on me. I will download mobile spy right now and will install to the mobile phone of my girlfriend. I want to know the whole truth!

  • admin

    Hello, Dylan. I am glad that it was interesting for you to read the story on how I could spy on my girlfriend, but you should not forget that intrusion to personal life is infringement of the law. If you act within the frames of law you should ask the permission from the owner of mobile phone.

  • Indignant girl

    Dear author! I understand that it is hard and unpleasant. Any person can be at your place… But being a girl I consider that this is immoral to do it. Love relationships much be built on trust and spying on your girlfriend and reading SMS of somebody else is unworthy of a real man! Imho!

  • admin

    Admin to Indignant girl:
    I partly agree with you. You said: “Any person can be at your place…” Let’s change places for some time. If you are in the same situation, what would you do? If you do not have evidence and you are sure to be right in your suspicions! If you are sure that your boyfriend is cheating on you, would you spy on your boyfriend? Daily quarrels is not a way out from the situation. It is better to resort to ruse and learn the truth with mobile phone. I think, this is an optimal variant

  • Indignant girl

    Indignant girl to Admin:
    I have already installed it ^-^. And I know already how to spy on my boyfriend. xD
    I recommended the spy site to all my friends.

  • admin

    Admin to Indignant girl:
    Well, you contradict yourself:)
    P.S: Leave your comments. Your opinion is important to me. Share the similar stories from your life. Later I will arrange the opinion poll: Am I right if I want to spy in my girlfriend, guy, husband, wife, children.”

  • Benjamin

    I have just entered the question in Google search engine: “how to spy on my girlfriend?” and immediately got to your website. I found the answer to all my questions. Now I do not have doubts. I decided to install mobile spy app to the phone of my girlfriend. I do not want her to cheat on me. I just want to find out the truth, if she cheats on me or not.

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